Hearty Programme

Hearty Programme


“Healthy Eating And Regular Exercise in The Young”





With your help we want to provide a healthier, happier and fitter setting for the children. Eating habits are formed early in life, so it is important to provide children with a healthy and varied diet to establish good habits for the future.

Our HEARTY project aims to instill healthy eating behaviours in children and improve their eating habits through provision of appropriate foods, role modelling, food related activities and education and working with you, our parents and families.

As parents or carers of children under 5 years of age, you are in the most important position to help shape their eating habits.

Our Preschool is a juice free zone! We ensure that your child has access to water throughout the day and either milk or water at snack time and lunch time. We also provide every child with a range of healthy and nutritious snacks.

The HEARTY Programme will ensure:

  1. Children will be provided with healthy, nutritious snacks
  2. Children will be given the opportunity to try a variety of foods
  3. Children are encouraged to try and eat fruits and vegetables
  4. Children will be given the opportunity to eat in a pleasant and safe environment
  5. Snack time will be shared with staff and other children
  6. Increased staff healthy eating knowledge
  7. Only drinks that are tooth friendly will be provided during the day
  8. Increased staff and parental awareness of national initiatives relating to healthy eating e.g change4life
  9. Staff will adhere to a nutrition and a healthy celebrations policy
  10. Children will be provided with healthy food when celebrating events e.g. Chinese new year
  11. We will create a new setting policy

Keep an eye out for our HEARTY Newsletters for some great information and advice!